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Armenia: General information
History of Armenian Geography
Area, borders, geographical location
Structure of administrative areas
Natural resources
Hydrography: Rivers
Hydrography: Lakes
Animal world, surface area


Introduction, Ancient Beliefs
Bronze Age. Early Armenian period
Parthian Persia and the creation of the Armenian Alphabet
Armenian literature
Armenian literature VI-VII centuries
Armenian literature VII-IX centuries. Mid Middle Ages
Armenian literature XVIII centuries
Armenian modern literature
XX century literature
Modern Age
Soviet and contemporary literature


G. Soundoukian
H. Paronian, A. Shirvanzadeh and D. Demirjian
XX century Drama


Spiritual music
X century spiritual music
Middle Ages Armenian liturgy
The Creation of mass music
Folk music part 1
Folk music part 2
Folk music part 3
Creation of classical professional school of music
Beginning of XX century
Composers of the new generation
Composition of symphonies
Compositions of concertos
Estrada music
Music at the end of the XX century


The foundations of the Armenian theater
The founders of the Armenian theater
Armenian theater XIX century
Armenian theater XX century
Armenian theater at the end of the XX century


Armenian rock engravings and paintings, prehistoric times
Early Armenian pottery
Early Armenian Sculptures
Early Armenian paintings
Other works of art
Early Middle Ages Sculptures
Early Middle Ages art
Armenian miniature paintings
Armenian miniature paintings (part 2)
Painting in XVIII-XX centuries
Armenian contemporary art


Birth of cinema in Armenia
Armenian cinema in the post war years
Armenian cinema in the sixties
The best actors of cinema
The best actors of cinema (part 2)

History of religion

The beliefs and religions of Armenia before Christianity
The adoption of Christianity by the Armenian nation in 301
The Armenian Church in the IV-V centuries
The Armenian Church in the VI-VIII centuries
The Armenian Church during the reign of the Bagradouni dynasty
The Armenian Church and the Armenian state of Cilicia
The reestablishment of the Catholicosate in St. Edjmiatsin
The Armenian Church in the XVII-XIX centuries
The Armenian Church in the XX century

Armenian history

Armenia in ancient times
Armenia during the reign of Arteshesian and Arshakouni dynasties
Armenia in the V-XI centuries
Armenia in the XI-XVIII centuries
Armenia in the XIX century
Armenia at the beginning of the XX century
The first Republic of Armenia
Soviet Armenia
The Second Republic of Armenia


Prehistoric architecture
Architecture of the Urartu Kingdom
Architecture of the Armenian Kingdom
Fortress of Garni
V century architecture, Dvin
Architecture of IV-VII century churches
Triple nave basilicas
Cruciform plan central domed churches
Multi apsed churches
Architecture of VIII-IX centuries: Ani, Kars and Ambert
Early Middle Ages architecture
Shirak school of architecture
Architecture of the Zakarian period
Middle Ages architecture: School of Artsakh
Contemporary architecture


Ancient Armenian festivals and ancient Greek Olympic Games
The History of Sport in Armenia. Part II (1912-1956)
The History of Sport in Armenia. Part III (1956-1968)
The History of Sport in Armenia. Part IV (1968-1980)
The History of Sport in Armenia. Part V (1980-1992)
The History of Sport in Armenia. Part VI (1992-1996)
The History of Sport in Armenia. Part VII (1996 until today)
The History of Sport in Armenia. Part VIII