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Familiarization with PowerPoint. What can you do in PowerPoint?
Operating modes and control elements in PowerPoint.
PowerPoint Help System Using (Lesson 1)
PowerPoint Help System Using (Lesson 2)

Creation of Presentations

Presentations Creation Base Steps
Create a new presentation using Blank Presentation
Create a new presentation using Design Templates

Create a new presentation using AutoConnect Wizard

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Create a new presentation using an existing presentation

Create a new presentation by Outlines import

From Microsoft Word
From the other applications
Shortcut keys using in PowerPoint
Presentational Properties: Author's name, Subject and etc
Presentations files search if they have been forgotten
Presentation saving in different formats

Presentation's text edition

Text entry and editing in Outline View Mode
Text editing by using Outlining toolbar
Text editing in Slide View Mode
Text Font Formatting
Bullets and Numbering
Line Spacing, Text and Tab Alignment
Title Space and Placeholder Formatting
Symbols, Equations and other Objects Inserting into the text
Text Formatting Effects
Slide Master and Title Master Editing
Design Template Creation and editing
Presentation Text Spell-checking
Presentation Style Check-up
Notes editing
Handout Editing
Header and Footer, Slide Number and Comments Editing


Tools for Drawing and Graphics

Simple objects drawing

Graphical primitives
Lines and Arrows
Basic Shapes: Rectangles, Ovals and etc
Text inside the graphical objects
Connectors, Flowchart, Block Arrows and Callouts
AutoShapes Editing
Clip Art
Clips search in the Clip Art
Import Picture from File

Pictures Editing

Pictures Editing (Lesson 1)
Pictures Editing (Lesson 2)
Texts scanning by means of PowerPoint
Graphical files import to Clip Art
Fill Effects of Background
Align and Distribute of Graphical Objects
Group and Set the Graphics in the Clip

Special Effects

Shadow and Fill Effects
3-D Effects
Slide Color Scheme and Default Color settings
Slide's Background Editing


Insert Table into the Slide
Tables Editing
Table's Borders and Fill Formatting
Microsoft Word Tables Using

Organization Chart

Organization Chart Creation
Organization Chart Construction and Editing
Organization Charts Reorganization
Organization Chart Formatting
Drawing tools using in Organization Chart

Charts and Diagrams

Insert Chart into the Slide
Charts Datasheet Editing
Line, Pie and Doughnut Charts
Chart - Diagram
Chart - Diagram (sequential). Scatter Charts
Stock and Surface Charts
Charts Editing
Chart's Axis Formatting
Data Series Formatting
Trend line and Error Bars Formatting
Chart Title and Legend Formatting
Chart Area Formatting
3-D Charts Formatting
Charts' Different Types Formatting Feature
Non-standard and Custom Chart types
Charts Import. Interaction with Microsoft Excel

Results show

Print of Presentation
Slide Sorter Mode
Slide Show Mode
Set up Show
Purpose presentation creating. Hide Slide
Presentation Packing for Showing on Other Computer
Rehearse Timing
Record Narration for Presentation
Narration Playback and Editing

Slide-Film Show Special Effects

Special Effects Types
Slide Transition Animation Effects
Slide Transition Sound Effects
Slides' Objects Animation Creating
Animation Effects Toolbar
Animation Timing Setting
Animation Visual and Sound Effects Setting
Chart Animation
Different mode using for objects animation on the Slide
Insert Animation from video files and from the ClipArt
Insert Sound and Music from audio files and ClipArt
Multimedia objects formatting and setting

Interactive Slide-Films

Interactive Slide-Films
Control buttons using on the Slide
Control buttons editing
Hyperlinks Creation and Organization of Transition between Slides
Hyperlinks Editing. Contents Slide Creating
Slides Hiding Principle. Presentation Package Creation

Working with Presentations in the Local network and Internet

Presentation abilities for working in the nets
Presentation Saving on the FTP server. Presentations Publication
Presentation Opening from the Local network and Internet
Presentation Online Broadcast Schedule
Presentation Online Broadcast Realization
Features of Creation the presentation as a Web Site

PowerPoint Settings

Toolbar Setting
New Toolbar Creation
PowerPoint Menu Setting and New Menu Creating
PowerPoint primary settings modification
Macros Creating and Using
Programming in PowerPoint with the help of Visual Basic